Why Pursue Media Course?

The use of computers at our offices, schools, hospitals among other places keeps on increasing, Therefore acquiring affordable computer training skills would be very important to everyone. 

At Perfect Ideas Media Consult, we believe that, providing Computer training skills could be affordable and accessible to all.  Moreover, it will help to reduce the high rate of unemployment in our country by providing the work force the needed skills to make them employable in this computer era.

Our Courses

Radio Presentation

We understand that, learning Computer skills can be quite difficult, therefore, we use a step-by-step approach in providing you with all the basic concepts in learning Computer. The Topics are hardware and software.

Radio / TV Production

Have you ever wondered how your favorite computer game was made?, I guess no!. this was made through computer programming language like Java, Python etc. therefore to become a software developer you must learn the computer language.

Television Presentation

Microsoft Office Suite with programs like (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Power Point, Ms Access) has become a basic requirement for employment. Moreover skills in excel makes you a favorite in this digital days.

Media Law & Marketing

Digital Marketing also known as Online Advertising is getting popular as digital devices keeps on advancing and getting into our daily lives, therefore using the medium to advertise has become a necessary evil. Furthermore career opportunities are emerging from the digital space every day.

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